Tired of dragging the hose around your yard and constantly replacing broken sprinkler heads? Let us show you a better way. The Rainmaker way!

Everything—from the initial meeting and sprinkler system design to installation and ongoing maintenance—is provided by Rainmaker employees and never sub-contracted (like other irrigation contractors).

Because no two landscapes are the same, every Rainmaker client receives a custom system design. We strive to achieve the ideal watering rate for each area of your lawn and plants. Our systems are designed to save time, save water, and save money!

Beyond the obvious lawn and planter irrigation, we also design and install irrigation systems for planter beds on patios, pool decks, and window boxes, as well as roof top gardens and vegetable gardens of any size.

Your landscape irrigation project can be completed all at once or in phases. Start with the front lawn and planter beds, and finish the back yard later. All of our systems are designed to be expandable. We’ll work within your budget and schedule.

Lastly, our service department is fully trained to handle your irrigation maintenance needs, including Spring startup, maintenance visits, emergencies, and Fall winterizations.

We have close to 1,800 residential customers in the area. Read our Testimonials and you’ll see that we do things differently at Rainmaker. If you ask around, the chances are good someone you know uses Rainmaker and can provide you with a personal reference.  You can also view our Gallery.

Ready to talk? Please contact us for more information.